Wednesday, March 21, 2012

no focus

I swore I wouldn't whine on Facebook, but this is my blog, so I'm going to get this out of my system.

This whining is not going to be about triathlon because, frankly, my focus hasn't been on triathlon lately.  Basically I've been busy doing things I don't enjoy and I am very bad at being flexible.

We were supposed to be in Mexico on our 10-year belated honeymoon last week, but our childcare plan fell through. On the bright side, our flight rolled into a credit we can use later, we got most of our hotel cost back pretty promptly, and S had Spring Break totally free from work.  So, of course we decided to spend that on something fun. Like working our asses off sprucing up the second home/mortgage we inherited last summer so that it might finally sell after 280 days on the market.

Yes, sarcasm.

Just to make me feel extra guilty, the kids were unbelievably good at crashing around an empty house for 8 hours a day while we essentially ignored them and patched, painted, cleaned, painted, mulched, painted, painted, painted. Even worse than the outright neglect, we didn't eat a single homemade meal the entire week.

Toward the end of the paint-a-thon, my guilt turned into expensive karate classes for a little girl who was excited out of her mind to start a new activity. What can I say, I was willing to buy her just about anything after that lame vacation week, and it just so happened that I was suddenly anxious to get her out of the body image-obsessed ballet culture.

In case a tiny girl in an oversized karate uniform isn't lethally cute on her own, I made a matching gi for her American Girl doll:

(I'm so rarely an over-achiever that I go a little nuts when the motivation strikes)

So, to sum up: Cancun, grandparenting fail, no Cancun, Spring Break, debt, painting, painting, painting, fast food, child neglect, karate, ballet, doll clothes, mortgages, real estate, and a little bit of half-assed Ironman training. Quite the scattered week.

And, I said this wouldn't be about triathlon, but how about a gratuitous bike picture:

Here's to getting my focus back. Pronto.


Steve said...

Wow very busy, and not the good kind it sounds like. I don't like doing crap to my own house let alone others. Even if it will make me money. :)

I am lazy with that crap.

p.s. whine on FB??? Did you mean your blog?? If you are on FB you better friend me up, or I'll beat you up. :)

Have a good week. :)

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

Looks like your baby has on a gi (Japanese: karate outfit). Teach them well, grasshoppa.