Thursday, May 10, 2012

change of address

Don't feel like reading? Deal! You'll appreciate my new blog address: tri JOURNAL

The long version: I've not been writing or thinking about writing lately. I can use excuses about lacking ideas or time, but really, I don't think this site fits my voice right now. I suppose it feels narcissistic and negative, and I'd like to think I'm neither (blogging about not being self-absorbed – irony alert!).

I thought I should just quit blogging altogether, but wait! I still want to jabber on about my workouts, ideally without becoming a Facebook braggart (which I use only for keeping in touch with my family members, and they hear enough of my training in person). I do also miss the creative outlet, journal record, and accountability too. And knowing that a handful of nice people – or fussy ones, it takes all kinds – see what I post, sometimes even offering feedback, is a helpful little feeling of community for a basement-training introvert.

So, I'm switching to a simpler format to track the rest of my Ironman training.  I'll be posting a picture per workout, adding thoughts when I have them (which means it'll mainly be a lot of pictures).  Check it out here if you like. 

I'll save this space for when I'm feeling extra wordy :)


Steve said...

I got it. I have come all this way as it is. :)

Good Luck. :)

jsmarslender said...

I looked at the date for your Ironman: coming up fast! (Once May arrives, I always feel like anything June July or August is practically tomorrow). Very excited for you and hoping a great stretch of training ahead. Enjoy it! Are you keeping this blog for occasional posts? Please do!

bollypic said...